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Cadiveu Professional Brasil Cacau Keratin Smoothing Protein Step 2


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Cadiveu Professional Brasil Cacau Smoothing Protein Step 2 110ml is a new treatment which allows maximum straightening, ideal for thick and resistant hair.

It provides hydration and restructuring of the hair which lasts for more than 3 months.

Original Cadiveu Bottle 110ml Step 2

Action: The acid pH of Cadiveu Professional Brazilian Cacau Keratin and the heat produced by the straightening iron set the ingredients in the hair.

This action realigns the hair cuticles, making them even smoother on the surface to reflect light and give them a radiant glow.

The treatment result is attributed to the action of the acid pH on the cuticles, therefore the treatment does not modify the internal structure of the hair strands.

Results :

Anti-frizz radiant glow, restored health, smooth and moisture resistant hair for six months.


Hair can be washed and brushed the same day, without waiting.
Restructures the hair, making it straight and frizz-free for up to 3 months.
Hair seems natural and healthy, thanks to an exclusive method of application.
Application without perfume or smoke, which guarantees comfort to the user.
It can be applied after any chemical hair treatment.
Dermatologically tested.


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