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Priorin Liquid Hair Treatment 1x Month


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Priorin Bayer Liquid helps with hair loss (Non-disease-related hair loss) and thinning hair.

Its special formulation with herbal extracts and skin-protecting Pro-Vitamin B5, better known as dexpanthenol, is the result of comprehensive scientific research around the hair.

Priorin Liquid – plant-based – nourishes the scalp and acts as a cosmetic hair loss agent on the hair roots. It supports the hair growth cycle and contributes to natural hair growth.

Priorin Bayer Liquid : Do you sometimes feel that your hair is not as thick and full-looking as it used to before?

Priorin Liquid is a solution for hair loss that is not disease related. The liquid formula of this supplement combines carefully chosen ingredients holistic ingredients inspired by nature and powered by science that target the hair cycle responsible for healthy, beautiful hair, help maintain the natural hair growth cycle and support it.

One of the ingredients is pro-vitamin B5, known also as panthenol, which is proven to aid hair growth. Thanks to its moisturising properties, pro-vitamin B5 can directly nourish the hair.

Priorin Liquid also has a component called Baicapil® which fortifies the hair and supports the natural hair cycle.

It’s unique formula, containing botanical plant extracts and pro-vitamin B5, manages hair loss.

Use Priorin Liquid Formula when you want to impress others and achieve strong, visibly denser and fuller looking hair.

Priorin Bayer Liquid Treatment helps you on your way to beautiful, healthy hair.

How to use :

Priorin Bayer Liquid needs to be applied directly on the scalp once daily any time during the day .

Using 1.5 to 2 ml per application which translates into 5-8 pushes .

Apply by gently messaging the scalp.

Priorin Liquid does not need to be rinsed off.


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