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Ell Cranell Alfatradiol Hair Loss DHT 200ml/ 6.76oz


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Ell Cranell Alfatradiol Hair Loss DHT 200ml/ 6.76oz ORIGINAL from Galderma

Original ELL-CRANELL 250 Micrograms- ml Alfatradiol 250 mcg/ml

Ell-Cranell® with alfatradiol works where it is needed: directly at the hair root – and not in the whole body.

It is therefore very well tolerated – many years of experience by both women and men confirm this.

Ell-Cranell with alfatradiol is an over-the-counter medicine used to treat hormonal hereditary hair loss – the most common form of hair loss in men and women.

Only 1x daily use:

Ell-Cranell® with alfatradiol makes regular use particularly easy: With the patented applicator, you only apply the solution directly to the affected areas of the scalp once a day.

Targeted, simple and fast. Your hair is neither soaked nor greasy. The hairstyle is retained.

Tip: Once the hair loss has improved, the use of Ell-Cranell with alfatradiol can be reduced to every second to third day.

Indicated for men and women with hormonal-hereditary hair loss.

Ell-Cranell with alfatradiol is a prescription-free medicine for the treatment of condition-related (hormonal-hereditary) hair loss – the most common form of hair loss in men and women.

The cause of this form of hair loss is an inherited hypersensitivity of the hair roots to the male hormone testosterone.

Ell-Cranell works equally on men and women – clinically proven.

Special features of Ell-Cranell :

– Works with alfatradiol directly against the main reason for hair loss
– Acts on women and men – confirmed by 80% of users
– Very well tolerated – only works locally in the scalp
– Only 1 x daily application
– Does not stick and grease – the hairstyle is retained.

The reason for hair loss is the male hormone testosterone, which is responsible for hair loss due to hypersensitivity of the hair roots.

This form of hair loss, as the name suggests, is hereditary.

The main reason why the hair as a whole becomes thinner or falls out prematurely is due to damage to the hair roots.

Our body produces testosterone and converts it into the messenger DHT (= dihydrotestosterone).

This has many important functions in the body. However, DHT also has a direct effect on the hair roots and in people with hereditary DHT hypersensitivity, the hair roots are damaged.

Especially with permanent and too high DHT concentration, the hair roots wither in the long term. The affected hair falls out prematurely and does not fully regrow.

With the active ingredient alfatradiol, Ell-Cranell reduces the conversion of testosterone into the hair root-damaging DHT directly in the scalp. This protects the hypersensitive hair roots and the hair can grow vigorously again.

Clinical studies prove the effectiveness of Ell Cranell.

Important: Ell Cranell with alfatradiol only works locally in the scalp and does not strain the whole body.

Ell Cranell is therefore very well tolerated even in long-term use.

Ell-Cranell is applied to the scalp once a day at the start of treatment.

To do this, simply turn the patented applicator and, using the two “exit fingers”, stroke evenly over the affected areas of the scalp and wet them sparingly.

The applicator ensures that the hairstyle is preserved. The active ingredient alfatradiol is quickly absorbed into the scalp and protects the hair roots.

It can be used on both wet and dry hair.

As soon as you notice that the hair loss has stopped or slowed down, you can reduce the application to every second to third day.

Hair grows slowly – on average only one centimeter a month. So it takes some time before they recognize clear treatment success. So be patient.

As a rule of thumb, a minimum duration of use of 3-6 months is recommended – as with all products for hair loss.

It is important that the hair loss is stopped and the hair roots are given the opportunity to reactivate hair growth.

4 out of 5 users confirm the therapy success with Ell Cranell Alfatradiol Original Galderma.


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