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Bayer Priorin Hair Growth Original 120 Capsules


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Bayer Priorin 120 Capsules, enhanced with Cystine, Vitamin B5 and Millet Extract. Hair Supplement with biotin to support healthy hair from within.

Priorin Capsules is a food supplement formulated with Millet Extract, Wheat Germ Oil, L-cystine and vitamin B5, which provide your hair the necessary nutrients from the root strengthening it and promoting the growth of healthy hair and strong.

It is composed of natural ingredients, so you can take capsules safely.
Also, do not contain lactose and are well tolerated, being suitable even for diabetics.

Priorin from Bayer provides nutrients acting directly within the root of your hair, that is at the center of hair growth (hair bulb), favoring the formation and growth of a healthy and strong hair.

It supplies the hair with nutrients, including millet extract, the amino acid L-cystine and calcium pantothenate, which in combination has been clinically shown to stimulate and improve hair growth and hair re-growth.

Priorin also contains the nutrient biotin, which helps to maintain healthy hair.

Priorin helps to improve hair growth by supplying the hair with nutrients, including:

Millet Extract – Priorin capsules contain millet extract, a source of the phytosterol miliacin, which increases proliferation and metabolic activity in human keratinocytes (key cells in hair).

Calcium Pantothenate – The essential vitamin calcium pantothenate stimulates metabolic activity in human keratinocytes (key cells in hair) and is thus important in the nutritional support of normal hair growth and quality.

L-cystine – The amino acid L-cystine is a building block of the hair substance keratin and thus an important component of the hair.

Biotin – Biotin is a vitamin that is vital for the synthesis of the hair substance keratin.


Wheat Germ Oil, Oily millet extract, Gelatin (Beef), Humectant (Glycerol), Thickener (Beeswax yellow), Water, Calcium, pantothenate, Emulsifier (Soy Lecithin), Colours (Iron oxides, Titanium Dioxide), Cystine, Stabiliser (Magnesium Oxide), Biotin, Flavourings.

Directions :

Adults and children aged 12 and over:

Take 2 capsules once daily, with food.

The capsules can be taken separately or at the same time.

Do not exceed the recommended dose.


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