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Pilexil Forte Anti Hair Loss 20 Ampoules


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Pilexil Forte Anti-Hair Loss Ampoules is the new formulation in ampoules developed by Lacer to stop hair loss in situations of severe or heavy hair loss.

Pilexil Forte Ampoules are safe and can be used by men and women who are suffering significant hair loss.

Pilexil Forte Anti Hair-Loss Ampoules are especially recommended for people with heavy, severe and excessive hair loss.

These ampoules are the perfect complement if you are taking any supplements for hair loss.

The components of these ampoules act on the factors that cause hair loss, and help to increase capillary blood flow stimulating and strengthening it for the formation of a healthy and strong hair fiber.

Pilexil Forte Anti Hair Loss Ampoules exert an anti-seborrheic action on the scalp and nourishes from the root to the ends repairing the hair so that it can look healthy, abundant and hydrated.

In addition to stimulating growth, Pilexil Forte Anti Hair Loss Ampoules protects and repairs hair that is in poor condition thanks to the vitamins contained in its formula, and can be applied to oily or dry scalps.

After a short time you will begin to notice the improvement in your scalp, since with Pilexil Forte Anti Hair Loss Ampoules it will be able to slow down hair loss, and your hair follicle will have greater resistance. In addition, you can look voluminous and full of life hair.

Pilexil Forte ampoules are easy to apply, do not leave a greasy feeling or residue on the scalp.

Its formula contains natural ingredients such as Serenoa Serrulata, with anti-hair loss and regulating properties of excess fat in the hair.

These ampoules contain a series of ingredients that act on the scalp preventing hair loss, strengthening the hair follicle and stimulating the formation of hair leaving it regenerated and strong.

This new formula combines Adenosine and a high content of Serenoa serrulata. Both active ingredients act directly to prolong the hair growth phase. It also contains Tocopheryl Nicotinate, Zinc PCA, and vitamins, mostly from the B group.

One of its components is the Serenoa Serrulata, which is a leaf with renewing and anti-fall properties. This leaf slows the process of proteins inside the bulb cells causing hair cycles to be short and turn into hair.

The Tocopheryl nicotinate present in this formulation increases the blood flow of the scalp, making it better absorb the rest of the elements of these blisters that nourish the hair follicle.

Biotin is a very nutritious vitamin that allows hair to stay healthy, this because it decreases its Fall, gives shine, volume and prevents hair breakage.

Pyridoxine or vitamin B6 strengthens the hair fiber, gives it shine, softness and makes the hair more resistant to aggressions of external agents such as cold or heat.

Vitamin E has an antioxidant effect on the scalp, stimulates sebum production and keeps hair hydrated. Repairs split and dry ends, prevents hair loss and acts against dryness.

Panthenol is the last component of these ampoules, which helps to keep the hair repaired, straight and protected, in addition, nourishes it, softens it and stimulates its growth from the first application.


These ampoules have two phases to be applied, the first phase consists of:

The first application should be directly on the scalp every day for a month. You should massage gently until the liquid is spread throughout the scalp. Then wash the next day.

The second phase should be applied as follows:

Apply an ampoule to the scalp, massaging gently three times a week for three months. Wash your hair the next day with a suitable shampoo to enhance its effect.


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