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Diosmin Mylan 600mg 30 Tablets


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Pharmaceutical Diosmin Exclusive Formula – Original Mylan 600mg

30 Tablets Box Similar to Phlebodia

Citrus fruits contain Diosmin, a flavonoid. Flavonoids are plant antioxidants that protect your body from inflammation and free radicals, which are unstable chemicals.

It’s known to assist patients with venous incompetence, a disease in which blood flow is impeded, decrease inflammation and restore the normal flow of blood.

A powerful compound found in citrus fruits, pharmaceutical Diosmin offers powerful nutrition for healthy circulatory and blood vessel function and vascular support.

Original Mylan Diosmin provides 600 mg of this plant-based flavonoid and antioxidant that helps support normal blood flow and strong, healthy veins.

Diosmin Original Mylan 600mg is particularly beneficial to the veins in the legs, enhancing healthy blood circulation for powerful support and greater comfort when youre on your feet too long.

Powerful Bioflavonoid:

Provides 600 mg Diosmin, a flavonoid beneficial to blood vessel health
Circulatory Supplement:

Supports proper blood flow & strong, healthy veins
Leg Energizer: Helps circulation. Better circulation can make your legs feel lighter & revitalized

Flavonoids are a large group of polyphenolic compounds present in almost all fruits and vegetables. Citrus accumulate particularly high amounts of flavonoids in albedo parts during immature stages and are an excellent source for the industrial isolation of these compounds.

These active ingredients, specifically the citrus flavonoids, due to their antioxidant, venotonic, anti-inflammatory and antithrombotic properties have been used to address discomforts derived from a bad vascular system function.

Present in some plants and citrus fruits, the flavonoid diosmin can be obtained from the flavanone hesperidin, naturally present in the albedo part of immature sweet oranges.

Various factors such as increased air travel, lack of exercise, pregnancy, improper diets, growing obesity, hereditary factors and aging are causing vascular problems.

Poor circulation makes the blood to pool in the legs, enlarging the veins and causing varicose and spider veins. Venous reflux in legs can be caused by a malfunction of vein valves.

Mylan Diosmin 600mg pharmaceutical formulation has been shown to have an effect on the processes involved in the microcirculation and it also modulates venous tone, prostaglandin synthesis, free radicals, complement activity and lymphatic drainage.

Following beneficial effects of Mylan diosmin formulation have been demonstrated:

Venotonic activity reduces the blood slow flow acting as a ‘chemical stocking’ against varicose and spider veins

Healing effect on venous ulcers and trophic skin disorders

Effective in reducing acute and chronic symptoms of hemorrhoids

Relief effect in swollen legs and edemas


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