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Cadiveu Glossy Mask Treatment Mask Sparkling Effect 500ml/16.9 fl.oz


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Treatment for all types of hair. Cadiveu Professional Glamour Glossy promotes frizz reduction with intense glow. Cadiveu Professional Glamor Glossy features a diamond-like texture that deeply nourishes the hair fiber and seals the cuticles to provide long-lasting radiance and string discipline.


Rubi microparticles: it forms a protective barrier that protects the hair against environmental and mechanical aggressions, such as the use of a hairdryer and a flat iron. It promotes an intense and lasting brilliance due to its natural scintillation. Karite Butter: Rich in Omega 6 and 9, it restores the natural smoothness of healthy yarn. Wheat Protein: amino acid that aligns the cuticles and protects against oxidation.

Application: After using the shampoo, apply the over the length and ends of the hair. Leave on for 5 minutes and rinse. Can be used in overlapping the Caddyu Glamor Ampoule.


Her hair with intense glow and free of frizz


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