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Hexomedine Gel Antiseptic Topical 1mg Cooper


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Hexomedine Gel Antiseptic Topical Skin Treatment 1mg – 30gr Tube Original Cooper

Adjunctive treatment of skin conditions that are primarily bacterial or susceptible to secondary infection

Hexomedine gel 1mg is an antiseptic medication for topical application

It is recommended for the antisepsis of small superficial wounds

It is also an additional local treatment for certain superinfected skin conditions

Can be used as a local antiseptic for acne pimples that penetrates deeply to dry out pimple from the inside out

Features :

Anti bacterial
Sensitive acne
Anti inflammatory
Ingrown hairs


2 to 3 applications per day in a thin layer in the open air or in a thick layer under a protective dressing

Active Ingredients:

Hexamidine diisethionate 0.100g for 100 ml of gel



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