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Thiocyn Hair Serum 150ml


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Thiocyn hair serum – special care for hair loss and thinning hair.

The active ingredient thiocyanate

The molecule thiocyanate occurs in every living being. In humans, it is responsible for many body’s own metabolic processes.

Where these do not work optimally, additional thiocyanate can help.

So also with our Thiocyn hair serum: The patented thiocyanate formula strengthens the hair root and protects it against growth-disturbing influences.

Side effect-free special care for hair loss* as well as light and thinning hair. Also ideal for hair loss due to hormone changes, such as in menopause or after pregnancy.

Thiocyn hair serum contains other ingredients such as arginine, panthenol, allantoin, nourishing silk proteins as well as the B vitamins biotin and riboflavin.


  • The active ingredient thiocyanate protects the hair root against growth-disturbing influences and detoxifies free radicals, which are permanently produced during metabolism.
  • Strengthens the hair root, can accelerate hair growth, calms irritated or itchy scalp and supports healthy hair growth.
  • The thiocyanate contained in Thiocyn hair serum can only develop its optimum effect if it is used regularly over a longer period of time – at least 4 months, ideally 6 months. One bottle lasts for about 6-8 weeks.
  • Daily use is essential to optimally support the positive effect on the hair root.
  • You will receive: 1x 150ml bottle of hair serum, 1x applicator, 1x instruction manual


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