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Ducray Anacaps Expert Chronic Hair Loss 30 Capsules 1 Month


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Formulated for chronic hair loss, Ducray Anacaps Expert is a dietary supplement in capsules, rich in essential vitamins and minerals to ensure hair health.

Ducray Anacaps Expert dietary supplement helps prevent hair loss and maintain strong, healthy hair.

Stimulates microcirculation in the scalp through active ingredients of plant origin with high potency and helps fight hair loss.

With plant-based active ingredients, sulfur amino acids, vitamins and minerals, vegan and gluten-free, it provides 80% of the body’s biotin (vitamin b8) needs in particular.

With cystine, methionine, Adiantum Capillus-Veneris and blueberry to treat and prevent hair loss
Combines zinc, iron, vitamin B5, vitamin B6 and vitamin B8
Activates scalp microcirculation Restores essential vitamins and minerals
Increases hair density
Makes the hair stronger and more resistant
Can be taken by both men and women

Features :

Cystine & Methionine: Amino acids in the composition of keratin, which is the main constituent protein of hair and nails.
Venus Hair Fern: Active ingredient that helps maintain healthy hair and nails and prevent hair loss.
Blueberry: Active ingredient that helps activate microcirculation in the scalp

Benefits :

Reinforces keratin to promote hair anchoring and stop hair loss.
Stimulates microcirculation to ensure a sufficient supply of nutrients to the hair follicle, thus hair growth is favored and hair becomes stronger and healthier
Accelerates hair growth
It has a good digestive tolerance, gluten free and suitable for vegans

How To Use :

Take 1 capsule daily in the morning, along with 1 large glass of water
Use for at least 3x months is recommended

Ingredients :

L-Cystine 90mg
DL-Methionine 90mg
Adiantos 150mg
Blueberry 25mg
Thistle 20mg
Zinc 8mg
Iron 3.5mg
Vitamin B5 4.8mg
Vitamin B6 1.12mg
Vitamin B8 40μg


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