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Daflon / Detralex 500mg MPFF Vein Insufficiency 120 Tablets


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Daflon / Detralex 500mg Original  – Micronized Purified Flavonoid Fraction (MPFF) 120 Pills

Daflon 500mg is the reference treatment for vein insufficiency, and several studies have proven its efficacy.

Daflon 500mg quickly relieves symptoms such as leg pain, heaviness and swelling.

Daflon 500mg is a drug recommended in the treatment of the symptoms of the lower limbs (feeling of heaviness, pain, night cramps) and anal pain.

Venous insufficiency and anal pain are two diseases which are due to a change or a dysfunction of the venous system.

Daflon 500mg protects and strengthens your vein health.

The key substance of Daflon 500mg comes from mother nature.

Indeed, its production starts with the harvest of immature oranges rich in active substances.

These substances are then converted into Daflon 500mg after several pharmaceutical steps.

Daflon is produced from a plant extract from the epicarp of Citrus aurantium var amara.

It belongs to the chemical family of flavonoids that are included in the six main categories of venoactive drugs.

Daflon contains purified micronized diosmin, hesperidin, linarin, isorhoifolin, and diosmetin at optimized doses.

Each of the active ingredients in Daflon contribute to its action and explains its superior beneficial effect over other VADs on the reduction in capillary permeability.

Daflon currently possesses the most appropriate profile to protect venous valves and perhaps microvalves.

Many studies have proven Daflon 500mg’s efficacy in treating anal pain. Daflon 500mg quickly alleviates your pain, discomfort, bleeding and itchiness while improving your quality of life.

How To Use Daflon ?

Daflon 500mg is a non-prescription drug available in retail pharmacies.

Its posology is different according to the indications:

Daflon 500mg posology in the treatment of the symptoms linked to venous insufficiency:

– 2 Tablets daily for at least 3 months.

Daflon 500mg posology in the treatment of anal pain:

– 6 Tablets daily for the 4 first days followed by 4 tablets daily for 3 days in acute attacks.
And then 2 Tablets daily for at least 2 months to prevent recurrence of anal pain.


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