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Cadiveu Plastica de Argila Fluide 115ml


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Cadiveu Plastic Clay

Fluide is the solution to continue to maintain hair at home.

Essential to optimize the intense repair done at the professional’s.

The finishing fluid is suitable for fragile and brittle hair. Ends the complete restoration of the hair , seals the cuticles for an even softer touch and protection against external agents.


Hyaluronic acid: powerful antioxidant that fills the deep layers of the cuticle, restructures the entire length of the locks of hair and nourishes the scalp, promoting healthy growth of the locks of hair.

Its light fluid texture makes it easy to apply, leaving no greasy and heavy hair.

How to Use:

Apply the Fluid Plastic Finisher of locks of hair to clean, always damp hair and comb as usual (can brush if desired). It can also be applied to dry hair to finish with an even smoother feel.


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