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Biafine ACT Emulsion Cream 139.5g Trolamine Johnson

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Biafine is used to treat burns, skin irritations, superficial wounds and dryness. Its popularity overseas has been for its hydrating properties and effectiveness on sunburned skin and scrapes.

Clinical studies were conducted in the United States for burns, wound healing and radiation.

According to the Biafine package insert, the FDA has approved Biafine for use in full thickness wounds, pressure sores and dermal ulcers (includes lower leg ulcers), superficial wounds, first- and second-degree burns, sunburns, dermal donor and graft site management, radiation dermatitis and minor abrasions.

Wound and burn management involve methods to enhance tissue regeneration and to minimize infection during the healing process. Since autolytic debridement is the preferred method for removing dead and scarred tissue, moist dressings are needed and must be changed daily.

Biafine is liberally applied to the skin and covered with a dressing, such as gauze. The dressing is changed every 24 hours, with reapplication of Biafine.

Easy to use, BIAFINE ® soothes and protects skin “burned” or stressed by medical treatments or the suns rays.

Mr. Wenmaekers French chemist, created the formula BIAFINE ® in 1971 to care for his daughter who was accidentally burned. She was so impressed by the calming effect of the emulsion they decided to submit the form to hospitals, where it’s beneficial effects have been tested in situ on burns to relieve post-radiotherapy.

Thus, the product was officially released in 1976. Since then the drug BIAFINE ® emulsion has been passed from generation to generation.

With more than 3 million tubes sold in France in 2010, this is the top-selling drug for the treatment of burns in the last 40 years.


While Biafine is an emulsion, it is non-comedogenic because it stimulates tissue debridement, hydration and regeneration.

It promotes antibacterial activity. Initial application may produce a slight tingling sensation from the penetrating properties of the formulation.

Biafine has been studied in clinical trials for use after plastic and cosmetic surgery.

1 review for Biafine ACT Emulsion Cream 139.5g Trolamine Johnson

  1. Mary

    Great for skin problems , Biafine it’s just the best emulsion cream for skin burns ,sunburn or minor burn , eczema relief.
    It’s meant to treat burns, but works for any minor skin irritation.
    Everything burns cuts extremely fast healing.
    It prevented burn, was not greasy and absorbed so quickly into the skin could dress right after application.
    All in all a star product which should feature in every pharmacy cabinet!

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