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3x ALOPEXY Minoxidil 2% 180ml Pierre Fabre

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ALOPEXY Minoxidil 2% Pierre Fabre

Solution for skin application
Box for 3 x months of treatment

Indicated for moderate hair loss (androgenetic alopecia) in adult, male or female. It promotes hair growth and stabilizes the phenomenon of falling.
patented formula stops hair loss and stimulates growth of follicle
with continued use, you will see miraculous results in 4 months.

Non greasy and non sticky formula thanks to the gamma cyclodextrin.

Minoxidil is one of the active ingredients used as a topical medication.
There is ample medical and scientific evidence on the effectiveness of minoxidil on hair loss.
In fact, minoxidil stops the fall of the hair and stimulates the regrowth of the hair throughout the duration of the treatment.

The results are visible after 4 months of treatment.

Daily treatment with a 2% solution of minoxidil, such as Alopexy, is effective in more than 60% of users:

In 70% of cases the excessive fall of the hair is stopped.
And in 40% of the cases the hair growth resumes.

The particular composition of Alopexy: minoxidil ( non-greasy and non-sticky)
The peculiarity of Alopexy is its special composition, a patent of Pierre Fabre: in addition to minoxidil (2%), Alopexy also contains the gamma-cyclodextrin molecule. The intake of this substance, which has a high solubilizing power, has reduced the propylene glycol content, which is responsible for the fatty and sticky effect, by 6 times.

How to use:
Some tips to optimize the application of Alopexy:

Observe scrupulously the two daily applications. The daily dose should not exceed 2ml.
Therefore, a 1 ml measuring pipette is attached to the Alopexy solution.
And with the new spray nozzle very convenient , the dose of 1 ml equals 6 sprays.
After the evening application, wait a little while before bedtime.

Avoid exposure to the sun just after applying Alopexy.
Otherwise, cover your hair.

In case of oversight, do not increase the doses but resume at the usual frequency.

Respect a time of 1 hour between the application and the use of cosmetics such as mousses, gels, styling sprays …

Wait 4 hours before shampooing.
Dosage: 1 application of 1ml (whatever the surface treated) twice a day on perfectly dry hair, from the center to the periphery of the area to be treated.
The metering pipette is calibrated to 1 ml, with the spray tip have 6 sprays that correspond to 1 ml.
Wash hands thoroughly after use.


Active substance: Minoxidil 2 g. For 100 ml.
Other components: y Cyclodextrin, 96 percent ethanol, propylene glycol, purified water.


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